June 02, 2014

We are seeking Research Assitants for next season 2014-2015!

We are seeking Research Assistants for two time periods:
  • October 20th, 2014 until January 3rd, 2015
  • January 3rd, 2015 until March 1st, 2015
Some of the work that RAs will have to do is: lead groups of volunteers on nightly beach patrols, collect biometric data from nesting females, relocate nests, take measurements of beach slope, oversee the operation of the hatchery and assist the field coordinator in the running of the project. For more information check our Research Assistants section at this blog.
RAs  positions are voluntary and are expected to cover their own travel expenses, as well as to cover their own room and board during their stay (20US$ per day for accommodation and three meals. RAs will stay in the station of MINAE ( Ministry of Enviroment and Energy) for the duration of project. Great facility with free WiFi, great food and friendly people.

If you are interested
please send a cover letter, their current CV with contact details of three references (in pdf or word format) stating their preferred time period to: 
                                                Marta Pesquero (savetheseaturtles@gmail.com)
                                                Subject title: RA Application Ostional 2014-15

May 27, 2014

Leatherback results from 2013-2014 season!

86 volunteers from all around the world joined us in the project during last season 2013-2014. With all their support and with the help of the research assistants (Yohan, Elmer, Jaikel, Esteban, Chris, Florence, Addie, Megan, Melinda and Zac), we have reached amazing results in terms of leatherbacks hatching success.

Since the beginning of the project in 2004 we knew that leatherback natural nests had a 0% hatchling success reason why we have been building a hatchery from 2005 on to relocate the nests during nine seasons. 

This last season we run the project from November 1st until March 1st. A total of 31 nesting activities were registered, 7 different females were identified and 20 nests were confirmed. Of these 20 nests, 4 were left natural (on the beach) and 16 were relocated into the hatchery. Over the past seasons we have been improving the construction of the hatchery using new and different technics: different types of shade, using sand from low tide zone and more antiaphid net and egg chamber standardization method. Also we have been improving the way of relocating the nests, always trying to have the best possible results.

And yes we have seen that management strategy works as the results obtained the lasts seasons have been amazing!! Please check in the figure below.

# nests
Hatching success %
Emergence success %
We will keep doing our best every year trying to release more baby hatchings to increase the population of critically endangered Eastern Pacific leatherbacks and help to restore the population. 

When we first started the project we said we were going to improve our results and dedicate them to Jairo Mora Sandoval, and here it is for you Jairo!! In your name.

Thanks for everyone and see you on next season!!

Soon we will have the results for Pacific green turtles.

December 09, 2013

First group of ISV and sand turtle

At one month of work and the first group of International Student Volunteers, our big supporter, has arrived.
12 australian volunteers and one of the best leaders, Manuel Ramirez " Malo", arrived full of energy and enthusiasm to work, looking forward to see a real leatherback nesting.

But before night patrols the group like all other volunteers need to received the beach and hatchery trainings so with the help of Yeudi and Denis, an amazing local artcarft maker,Florence, Adelaide and Wilberth, they built a sand leatherback.

They started working on it....It is looking great!!..

But not ready yet...that turtle needs...

....needs it keels or ridges...

And after lots of hard work the turtle was finish and the group was ready to make the training and go on night patrolling!!
Thank you guys, you are all artists, the leatherback looks awesome!! ISV group we hope you enjoy and you see a real leatherback soon!!

November 19, 2013

20 first days for this season and it looks promising

On these 20 first days of our 2013-2014 season we have had some good nesting activity which makes us suspect that this will be a GOOD NESTING SEASON! Fingers Cross!

With 10 Pacific Green activities by 4 different females and 5 Leatherback nesting activities with 4 different nesting "georgeous" females and 5 confirm nests all at hatchery, things are looking good.!!

This year the hatchery was build following the same procedures that last year, as hatching success for 2012-2013 it was very good (52.55%). So we are aiming for more than 1000 hatchings to be released this year! Last season we had 749 hatchings

Thank you Yohan, Jaykel, Yeudi, Macdo, Pablito, Adelaide, Florence, Chris, Elies, Oliver, Kristen, and many more plus the ones to come soon, for all your efforts in our 10th season!

Here is a picture with our two International RAs, now known locally as Adi and Flo with future Leatherback Post.Doc researchers Eto and Ferchi at the Ministry of Environment Field Station.


October 31, 2013

Warming up for the 10th season!

We are getting ready for the season Leatherback and Pacific Green Sea Turtle Project Ostional 2013-2013. Its our 10th birthday and much information to share. AMAZING LOCAL SUPPORT and TEAM and awaiting for our International Research Assistants.!! Tonight, out first patrol to warm up.!!